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Shops 12 , 2, 3 & 4a Kununurra Shopping Centre

64 Konkerberry Drive                   

Kununurra  WA  6743

PO Box 979

Kununurra WA 6743


Phone:                 08 91681565

Fax:                     08 91691081



You can place an order with us by phone, fax or the responder on this website.  Please provide your contact number and delivery address.


We will contact you by phone when your order is complete and freight details have been calculated.  When we contact you, we will require your Credit Card details for payment.

11 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Louise Chaplin says:

    Hello, I was in your store at the beginning of April and was after the 2012 calender with all the pictures taken of the Kimberley. I was told they would be in soon and to contact you via this site.

    Thank you

    Louise Chaplin

  2. Debbie skerman says:

    Would like to purchase a 60 cm boab tree wall plaque please. These items are lovely . Is it possible to do a direct deposit please. Will wait for a reply and hopefully respond with payment or card details.
    Debbie SKERMAN 29 CARLYLE street. MACKAY 4740 QLD.


  3. Chris Hanson says:


    I was wondering if you could please confirm the height and widest width of your Boab tree wall plaques, e.g. is a 60cm Boab wall plaque 60cm high and 60cm wide across the widest part of the tree? Similarly for the 50cm and 1m twin tree plaques, how wide and high are those?


    Chris Hanson

  4. Jeff Feben says:


    i am interested in your 1 metre twin boab metal wall plaque but see it is temporarily unavailable

    we saw 2 of these in Broome at the Oaks resort in Cable Beach and would like one ourselves

    can you supply me one ?

    if so , when ?



  5. Kylah Dewar says:

    Hi I was wanting to purchase some of you highball boab glasses and get them sent to Vic

  6. Kylah Dewar says:

    We would really To buy the high ball boab tree glass set the tall glasses could we saw them in the store but was closed when we went back and now we are back in Melbourne please contact me so we can arrange payment
    Thanks kylah

  7. Christine Stratford says:

    I have had a look through your website looking for a particular product. I’m not sure I have the right store. We were there in June this year, are you in the mall part? Out the front, there were souvenir ‘snow globes’ of Kununurra, the one I was after had a crocodile and a boab tree. Do you have those, how much would they be altogether (purchase and postage) to send to postcode 3268? Thankyou for your help.

  8. LindaLefroy says:

    Could you please tell me if the height of the 60cm metal boab tree wall plaque includes the branches or is it the height of the trunk only? Also do you have any of these (60cm) currently in stock.?


    Linda Lefroy

  9. Joe Gibb (Scotland) says:

    My wife and I were recently through the Kimberley ….along the Gibb River Road…we realise that I didn’t pick up a hat badge of either the Boab tree or of the Gibb River Road….I have a large collection. Can you help? Prices please including postage.
    I would be most grateful, Many thanks in advance, Joe Gibb, Arbroath, Scotland

  10. Jack says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you still stock the following item? If so how much would it cost to ship 2 or 3 over to Sydney NSW 2000? Many thanks.

    Gaya Shoulder Herbal Pad – Price: $42.95 each

  11. Christine Bentley says:

    Could you please advise me the cost of the wallaby skins you have in your shop. We were there two weeks ago and can’t remember the cost. They were at the back of the main shop on the left hand side. Thank you. Chris Bentley

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