Boab Products

Metal Boab Tree Magnets/ Wall Plaques are Registered Designs.


  • Metal Boab Magnets/ Decorations


12cm Boab Magnet Original      12cm Boab Magnet Derek        12cm Boab Magnet Twin

Price: $6.95 each                          Price: $6.95 each                          Price: $6.95 each


 12cm Boab Xmas Decoration

Price: $9.50 each


  • Metal Boab 3D


Boab Candle Holder                                                      Boab Jewel/ Xmas Tree

25cm: $34.95 each                                                        65cm: $89.00 each

40cm: $64.00 each                                                        1M: $149.00 each


  • Metal Boab Wall Plaques


Boab Kee                               35cm x 35cm Boab Kee Frame        30cm Boab Kee 4 Hooks      

35cm: $42.00 each                   Price: $54.00 each                        Price: $49.00 each

                                                                           Temporarily unavailable, order taken                  Temporarily unavailable, order taken

50cm: $58.00 each




Boab Derek                                                                  47cm Boab Circle

35cm: $39.00 each                                                    Price: $49.00 each

                                                                                                                         Temporarily unavailable, order taken                                                  

55cm: $59.00 each

Temporarily unavailable, order taken            

90cm: $89.00 each

Temporarily unavailable, order taken


90cm Boab Fence                                                                      33cm x 46cm Boab Roof Brown

Temporarily unavailable, order taken                                                                                      Temporarily unavailable, order taken

Price: $129.00 each                                                                        Price: $49.00 each

                                                                                                                                                               Only available in rainbow colour




25cm/ 40cm/60cm Boab                50cm Twin Boab                             1m Twin Boab

25cm: $34.00 each                           Price: $79.00 each                          Price: $129.00 each

                                                                                                                                                                       Temporarily unavailable, order taken

40cm: $49.00 each

60cm: $69.00 each




Boab Hanging 3PCS                                60cm x 59.5cm Boab 3PCS

16cm x 39cm ea Sq

Price: $97.00 each                                        Price: $99.00 each



*Please note that the prices above do not include POSTAGE and HANDLING charges.    


*All prices include GST.     

*New designs coming soon.


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